Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Beginnings

I'm brand new to this...I'm making a short note on here to say that besides this blog , that I'm amidst many new beginnings like trying to buy a new house, getting my baby girl off to college,restarting my sewing hobby that has laid stagnant for the last decade or more,and alot of other major life/lifestyle changes. I'd say at first with this much chaos going on at one time these things are certainly off to a slow start...and besides seems that my super multi-tasking skills have seem to have flown out the window in the last few years..LOL.
I've fell on to reading blogs just recently in the past few months and have decided that I want to be part of this..soo hopefully somebody will find interest in my process of projects and ravings..oh and did I mention my shopping ,buying, buying, and buying ! Well maybe that's a good place to start...when it come to the postings at least.....sharing my gift (curse)of spotting a deal (deals).... I call it that is because I started collecting sewing supplies (hoarding according to my friends) a year or so back when my plans were different. I love thrift stores, online stores, craft stores, yard sales and anywhere else to find a deal ! I have alot (ALOT) of fabric, lace, thread, books, clothes,and 5 or so sewing machines.
If you come across me stop by and say hi, and any suggestions for a newbie are welcome too.


  1. You know this is how I started blogging too. I discovered them, I wanted to do it myself and just went for it. Looking forward to seeing photos of your thrift store finds and craft supplies.

  2. Good luck with your blog...I'll be looking for your posts. My baby is in her second year of college and I know just how you's a big change for us moms!