Saturday, October 16, 2010

WOW...That was a long one !! Take Two !!

It sure has been a while, a couple months hiatis, but I'm back for good now. I really do want to share alot with this cyberblogging world here, and although I'm not a dummy I felt I needed to learn more before I could go on because I'd really like to be good and interesting to whoever decides to take interest in me, but as we all know I'll never learn by sitting on the sidelines so bear with me we go...

My loves are crafting, sewing, thrifting, gardening,shopping, among many other things. I also started off this year trying to buy a new home and get my baby girl into college. I'm glad to report that both things have been accomplished. YEAH !!!! First of all here's my house, it's a 4/2 on a corner lot, lots of potenitial, I'm very it is check it out ....
note to self...btw..I wanted the pic down here not up there ...hmm?? what did I do wrong?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HELLO EVERYBODY>>I"LL be back asap, hopefully within the day . I'm actually having technical difficulties, my daughter is going to iron them out. I miss my new blog, I have many thrifted and new retail sewing/crafting items I want to share so check back often.Thank you for your patience for the time being.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Selling on Facebook, anyone?

First, I want to welcome my new readers...I was really excited to return this morning
and see I had over 25 hits and 2 comments. I want to thank you for your kindness
and support. Well , I did do a little shopping this week, Sunday it was retail, Monday was
thrifting, Wednesday a couple orders online, the mailman brought me a few things as well.
I had planned to go over the new "stuff" now, but I"m gonna shift that to Friday morning.
(sorry about that)

I was on Facebook lastnight and ran into something a little interesting to share: it's a new application called Grapeworm. It has a little over 10,000 users so far, it says it is the
answer to selling easier than what the users refer to as "feebay",and unlike all other selling formats, Grapeworm has no seller listing or transaction fees to boot. I read on to look for
the costs, they are to get a commission, the amount don't know?? I did find many others questioning and guessing , one said probably customary 15%. I checked out the listing and
there are approx. 3000 items for sale. I don't know how you are even supposed to find the Seller's Stores....hmmm. To check it out go to Grapeworm . I think I'm gonna keep an eye
out on this and let it establish itself a little more before I join up.

By the way, I tried to upload a picture on this post so many times and just couldn't get it right, I'm giving up for now. I'm gonna have to figure that out quickly! as you can see, I sure have alot to learn (look at the way my paragraphs turned out) and here i thought I could handle it somewhat easily,,, tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Beginnings

I'm brand new to this...I'm making a short note on here to say that besides this blog , that I'm amidst many new beginnings like trying to buy a new house, getting my baby girl off to college,restarting my sewing hobby that has laid stagnant for the last decade or more,and alot of other major life/lifestyle changes. I'd say at first with this much chaos going on at one time these things are certainly off to a slow start...and besides seems that my super multi-tasking skills have seem to have flown out the window in the last few years..LOL.
I've fell on to reading blogs just recently in the past few months and have decided that I want to be part of this..soo hopefully somebody will find interest in my process of projects and ravings..oh and did I mention my shopping ,buying, buying, and buying ! Well maybe that's a good place to start...when it come to the postings at least.....sharing my gift (curse)of spotting a deal (deals).... I call it that is because I started collecting sewing supplies (hoarding according to my friends) a year or so back when my plans were different. I love thrift stores, online stores, craft stores, yard sales and anywhere else to find a deal ! I have alot (ALOT) of fabric, lace, thread, books, clothes,and 5 or so sewing machines.
If you come across me stop by and say hi, and any suggestions for a newbie are welcome too.