Saturday, October 16, 2010

WOW...That was a long one !! Take Two !!

It sure has been a while, a couple months hiatis, but I'm back for good now. I really do want to share alot with this cyberblogging world here, and although I'm not a dummy I felt I needed to learn more before I could go on because I'd really like to be good and interesting to whoever decides to take interest in me, but as we all know I'll never learn by sitting on the sidelines so bear with me we go...

My loves are crafting, sewing, thrifting, gardening,shopping, among many other things. I also started off this year trying to buy a new home and get my baby girl into college. I'm glad to report that both things have been accomplished. YEAH !!!! First of all here's my house, it's a 4/2 on a corner lot, lots of potenitial, I'm very it is check it out ....
note to self...btw..I wanted the pic down here not up there ...hmm?? what did I do wrong?

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